Taking photos is part of how I report and tell stories. I’ve published dozens of slideshows on energy and technology, built around my own and third-party photos. I’ve also edited videos and provided on-screen commentary on energy technologies.

Inside a Quantum Dot Factory

The stuff of super crisp TV monitors starts in a test tube outside Boston. (Xconomy)



Photos from this year's ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit
Photos from this year’s ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit. Click for full gallery.


A solar farm in southern Colorado I photographed during a fellowship with the Institutes for Journalism & Natural Resources. Click to see more photos.
A look at innovations around clean energy at the ARPA-E Summit. Click to see the full slide show.

A solar cell printed onto paper and other material innovations in solar from a visit to MIT’s solar research lab. Click on the image to see the others.
To learn more about how the electric grid works, I took a visit to the New England ISO’s control room. Click on the image to see the full slideshow.


A story about a collective of dairy farms that are turning cow manure into electricity with an anaerobic digester.

One of the many slideshows I’ve done by researching and collecting publicly available photos. This one is on the little-known history of electric vehicles in the U.S.
GE is designing advanced batteries for hybrid train locomotives at its Research Center in upstate New York. Click to see other photos from the lab.


A beam of plasma blasts a metal disk as part of MIT’s nuclear fusion laboratory. Click on the image to hear more about nuclear fusion research.
A PR2 robot at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) tries to bake a cake. Click on the image to see other robotic systems under development at MIT and Harvard.


A photo from a profile of research nuclear reactor in downtown Cambridge on the MIT campus. Click on the image to see the entire slideshow. 

I’ve been a multimedia reporter for years and made numerous on-camera and radio appearances to comment on green technologies. While at CBS Interactive/CNET, I published a weekly “Green Minute” radio spot for two years. Here’s a sampling of some video work.

Expert commentary:

Bright Light, Big Price (LED bulb)

Why Solyndra Failed and What it Means for Clean Technology Funding


Video reports:

Panasonic Bets on Green Tech for the Home

In the Nation’s Capital, a Village Powered by the Sun (Solar Decathlon)

This one goes back a few years to when I was covering the Web and software development. One segment of an interview with Bill Gates during the early days of Web 2.0.

Self-produced videos:

Here’s one. You can pick from a playlist here.