I’m an independent reporter based in Boston covering energy and technology for XconomyMIT Technology Review, IEEE Spectrum, Greentech Media, the Guardian, GreenBiz, the Boston Globe, and Scientific American. I previously worked at tech news site CNET, where I was the lead reporter and manager of the Green Tech blog. During the dotcom boom and bust, I was the executive editor of enterprise tech publication InfoWorld (bio).

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Inside a Quantum Dot Factory – Greener Than You Might Think

The stuff of super crisp TV monitors starts in a test tube outside Boston. (Xconomy)


VW Bus Runs on Solar Panels, Really

What I thought was a CTO’s vanity project turns out to have practical applications. (Xconomy)


Taking the Electric Bike Copenhagen Wheel for a Spin


A high-tech electrically powered wheel takes you from zero to 20 mpg in a few turns of the pedals. Along the way, it acts as a sensor in a smart-city data-collection network.




Big Data’s Cousin–Artificial Intelligence–is Growing Up

The tech industry’s biggest companies are betting on an AI comeback, but not everyone’s thrilled with the future of AI. (Xconomy)

Slideshow: A Farm Takes Root on a Roof in South Boston


The Future of Cleantech Is Here–It’s Just Not Evenly Distributed

A series of stories in Xconomy on clean technology investing and entrepreneurship. The great clean-tech bubble burst long ago, but investors are entrepreneurs are still trying to innovate in energy and environment but using different strategies.

Grove Labs workshop

Why Cleantech Investing Has Morphed Into Energy and Sustainability

How States Can Build a Cleantech Funding Pipeline

Is Clean Energy the Sleeper Tech Industry in Boston?


How to Build an Atomic Startup

Why long-term funding matters to all young companies trying to solve tough technical problems in energy, tech, and biotech. Xconomy

Helion prototype

 A Town Where the Robots Roam Free

Another series of stories in Xconomy on robotics, including a scoop on an industry coalition to build a world-class robotics cluster that includes a whole town devoted to testing self-driving cars.

Baxter Meets VR2

Workhorse Robots, Artificial Intelligence, and the Internet of Robots

Robots That are Ready to Work, in Pictures

Rosie the Maid 2.0: a Hotel Robot Gets to Work


Startup Taps Microbes to Fix Food System

Greenhouse -1Medical treatments using bacteria found in humans’ guts are starting to advance. Now a company in Cambridge, MA is trying to make crops withstand water stress better with microbial treatments.




The Next Must-Have Gadget: A Telepresence Robot

Advances in consumer electronics has brought the price down for pedestal-shaped robots on wheels. Xconomy

double robots in meeting

A Big Bet on How to Store Grid Energy Cheaply

ICAES Sept2013There’s a technology race going on to develop a cheap, reliable, and safe energy storage system for the grid that can store multiple hours of energy to back up wind and solar and even replace power plants. Many companies are pushing novel batteries. But there’s a whole other group engineers working with basic materials–air, steel, water, gravel–hoping they can get there first with mechanical systems. 

Smithsonian magazine online

Electric Grid, You Have Software Updates Available


Researchers are developing software that will let renewable energy flow into and out of a decentralized power grid like data on the Internet 

Scientific American


Nuclear Startups Reimagine Atomic Energy11nuclear08[1]


Driven by worries over climate change and global energy use, young entrepreneurs are taking on the daunting task of building the next generation of nuclear power. The Boston Globe