I’m a veteran journalist with experience as a reporter, editor and newsroom manager. I am currently Deputy Editor of The Conversation, a news analysis and commentary site written by academics and edited by journalists. We cover a broad range of topics – everything from health and science to business and the arts. Here is a Boston Globe profile and a report from the Nieman Lab.

Before joining The Conversation, I was a contributing editor at MIT Technology Review and correspondent at tech and business news site Xconomy. I wrote on energy, environment and science for the Boston Globe, the Guardian, Scientific American, IEEE Spectrum, Greentech Media, GreenBiz and New Scientist. I’ve had bylines in other national media, including Smithsonian, CBS News and OnEarth.

Previously, I worked for 10 years at CNET/CBS Interactive, where I was the lead reporter and manager of the successful Green Tech blog. During the dotcom boom and bust, I was the executive editor of a Silicon Valley-based enterprise technology publication and news site (bio).

Below are some selected articles I’ve written or you can click the menus above for more links. You can also read about the articles I’m assigning and editing by clicking on the blogs on the right.

Florida Ballot Measure Could Halt Solar in Florida, but Do Voters Know That?



Amendment 1 is written in pro-solar language, but it is backed by the state’s utilities and opponents say it will crush the growth of solar in the Sunshine State.

InsideClimate News


Electric Grid, You Have Software Updates Available


Researchers are developing software that will let renewable energy flow into and out of a decentralized power grid like data on the Internet

Scientific American



A Big Bet on How to Store Grid Energy Cheaply

ICAES Sept2013

In the race to develop cheaper energy storage for the electricity grid, a group of startups and academics are building mechanical systems, rather than batteries, that use basic materials–air, steel, water, gravel.

Smithsonian magazine online



How Cities Are Adapting to Severe Storms

Burned by severe weather, civil engineer and urban planners are making building and infrastructure resiliency a top priority.

Nuclear Startups Reimagine Atomic Energy



Driven by worries over climate change and global energy use, young entrepreneurs are taking on the daunting task of building the next generation of nuclear power.
The Boston Globe


Whither US energy policy?

Renewable Energy World.

Hurricanes and climate: here’s what we know


Fracking: a proving ground for water technologies

The energy industry’s growing demand for water is spurring water-treatment innovation that could spill over into other sectors.

The Guardian

How to Build an Atomic Startup

Helion prototype

Why long-term funding matters to all young companies trying to solve tough technical problems in energy, tech, and biotech.





Why Cheap Biofuels from Superbugs Fell Short

LS9 was a synthetic biology pioneer created by premier scientists and top-flight venture capitalists to make low-cost fuels such as diesel from sugar. But companies formed to make biofuels from genetically engineered microbes have yet to produce fuel at scale or compete with petroleum on price.
MIT Technology Review


Fish Get Pedigrees, the High-Tech Way

Entrepreneurs are bringing technology to the ancient business of hauling fish from the sea. They aim to improve the traceability of wild-caught fish in an effort to make the industry economically and environmentally sustainable.

The Boston Globe seafood globe

Woods Hole deep sea sub gets a makeover


An overhaul of the storied Woods Hole-based sub Alvin will let scientists descend four miles below sea level to explore the earth’s final frontier.

Boston Globe



The Robots are Coming

A series of stories in Xconomy on robotics

Baxter Meets VR2










A Town Where the Robots Roam Free

The Next Must-Have Gadget: A Telepresence Robot 

Workhorse Robots, Artificial Intelligence, and the Internet of Robots

Robots That are Ready to Work, in Pictures

Rosie the Maid 2.0: a Hotel Robot Gets to Work

Drone Startups Seek Profit in Software and the Cloud–Not Hardware